"I recommend it highly. Very enjoyable read."
- Scroobius Pip

"Part Roald Dahl, part Spike Milligan, part (actually, a lot) smutty schoolboy, which suggest that even in a dull world of dog-turd strewn alleys you can dare to dream. If some TV company ever bought the rights and made a sitcom out of it, we'd have the natural successor to Spaced."
- SFX Magazine

"(Storage Stories) reads like his songs have come alive and run amok. Its childlike illustrations and magical-realist style summon no less than Kurt Vonnegut carrying his belongings in a supermarket bag-for-life."
- Andrew Collins

"With the stories partly consisting of charmingly scruffy illustrations, and peppered with a knowing humour, this is an enjoyable trip into the curious world of redemption, wit and the plain odd."
- Time Out

"The list of novels written by pop stars is not a very long one and the list of good novels written by pop stars very much shorter. So it is a pleasure to be able to say that Storage Stories comfortably makes it on to the latter list, being as it is, very good indeed."
- Transmitter magazine

"I loved it. Bittersweet,funny & hopeful - just my sort of thing."
- Chris Addison

"His voice of tongue-in-cheek despair at the city’s sagging morals plays out through the mouths of his characters, all of whom are treated with the utmost empathy—even when performing surgery on themselves or f*****g in pub toilets. If the singer enjoyed writing and linking them it certainly shows: he’s already planning a sophomore."

"Jim Bob chooses his top 10 illustrated books for adults for The Guardian
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- The Guardian

"There’s something of Nick Hornby in the way that the author infuses his work with the 30- and 40-something pop culture references that makes this book such an engaging read. Really a collection of peculiar snapshots making up an overall narrative; there’s a wistfulness of loss at its core but around its edges lies a celebration in the diversity of human nature."
- Record Collector

"Charming, funny, tender and delicate. It's really very, very good."
- Dave Gorman

"I read it straight through in one go and then went back and read it again."
- Eddie Argos

"It's fucking brilliant."
- Isy Suttie

"I'd recommend Jim Bob from Carter's Storage Stories."
- Steve Lamacq

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