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Sunday, July 6 2014

The kindle of 'Frank Derrick' was at number 19 in the Kindle chart and number 2 in the Humour fiction chart. It has since been going up and down and as I type is at 22.

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FATHERíS DAY Ė By J.B. Morrison (Jim Bob)
Saturday, June 14 2014

Despite what you may have heard, Iím not the worldís leading expert on Fatherís Day. My own father died seventeen years ago and I didnít see that much of him for a number of few years before then. I canít remember buying him socks or cigars every June, or making him a card from paper and pasta shells and bringing him breakfast in bed. Until I looked it up on the Internet I wasnít even sure where to put the apostrophe. Was it your fatherís day or everyoneís fathersí day? A day for just the one dad or all the dads? Itís Fatherís by the way, although when it was first founded at the start of the twentieth century Ė because there was already a Mother's Day and the men were no doubt feeling left out and moaning about it, probably Rick Wakeman or Jeremy Clarkson, one of those blokes, always complaining about how there isnít an International Menís Day or a White History Month, even though there is an International Menís Day and every month is White History Month Ė back then the apostrophe came after the s. Somebody moved it. Clarkson or Wakeman again I imagine. Or maybe Lynne Truss.

In parts of Germany Father's Day is called Ďmen's dayí (Mšnnertag) or Ďgentlemen's dayí (Herrentag), when groups of men go on hiking tours with hand pulled wagons full of wine and beer and they get drunk, leading to alcohol related traffic accidents trebling on Fatherís Day in Germany. Presumably from all the pissed up dads riding their empty carts back home. Maybe they go hiking to get away from all the films about the war that are on the television because itís Fatherís Day (Vatertag).

Iíve been a father myself for twenty-seven years Ė yes it is hard to believe I know, I moisturise Ė and I enjoy the sweets and chocolates and the fruit based shower gel that my daughter gets me. And obviously Fatherís Day is a day that Iím guaranteed to spend with my daughter. Which is great. In my book ĎThe Extra Ordinary Life of Frank Derrick, Age 81í, Frankís daughter lives five and a half thousand miles away from him in Los Angeles and so he doesnít get to see her on Fatherís Day. She usually sends him a card, or if she forgets sheíll ring or sheíll write him an email apologising for not having sent a card or ringing. Frank wouldnít admit that his daughter not being there with him in person bothers him at all but I know that he thinks that Fatherís Day without your children is fairly pointless. If my daughter ever moves thousands of miles away from me Iíll buy a hand pulled wagon, fill it up with booze and go hiking and get drunk until itís all over.

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New Jim Bob novel out now!
Thursday, June 5 2014

Frank Derrick is here!

The novel is available in real life bookshops and online ones too. There will be tons of copies in branches of WATERSTONES and in Ireland you can get it from EASONS. There are also 3 thousand copies available in bookshops in AUSTRALIA.

The novel is published by Pan Macmillan and Jim is very proud of it and he would love you to read it. If you get a copy and like it let him know on TWITTER or FACEBOOK or by hiring an aeroplane and skywriting it above his house.

Jim will be making a few live appearances where he'll read from the book and talk about it like he's on the Culture Show. Why isn't he on the Culture Show? More events will hopefully be added. Details on the LIVE EVENTS page

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Milk lovers!
Wednesday, April 2 2014

A video tickler from the new novel by J.B. Morrison. Published on June 5th.

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Carter USM announce extra final ever date
Wednesday, February 26 2014

Go to the CARTER website to read about that

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